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Asianajotoimisto Mercatoria Oy on kansainvälisen lakitoimistojen yhdistyksen ILF:n jäsen.

ILF lyhyesti /

International Law Firms (ILF) is an international association of independent law firms. Member firms are generally small and mid-sized.

Founded in 1998, the organization has grown to include approximately 70 firms from 50 countries worldwide and is continuing to expand to additional strategic locations. Potential members are carefully screened to assure that they have the necessary expertise and experience to provide the kind of high quality, responsive and effective representation which ILF’s members pride them selves in providing.


At annual international and regional conferences, members consider ways to even better service each other’s clients at a reasonable price. Members also are available to assist in situations where they do not have the necessary expertise by referring local firms which are familiar to them.


Through the experience, professionalism, and close relationships of their members, ILF offers quality service to clients setting it apart from other international law firm associations. By drawing on the excellent resources made available through our network, ILF will continue to expand to accommodate the ever-increasing demands of member clients in the expanding global marketplace.